Welcome to WebClan! My name is Oceanstar (@awesomesaucem). I created WebClan for the huge fans of Warriors that want to dive deeper into the stories. The goal of WebClan is to let fans be part of the Warriors world. Using this site is like living in the world of Warriors! Feel welcome to share your suggestions, follow the site, and even join us. It will take a little while for WebClan to get going, but once it does, I know it will be amazing!

***IMPORTANT*** Newcomers, view the following:


Nursery- find a mentor, become an apprentice, or chat with others to learn more about this site or get help

Apprentice Den- apprentice training and hangout

Elders Den- story and fanfiction sharing

Warrior Den- warrior hangout, thoughts and ideas sharing, role play

Medicine Den- medicine training and medicine cats’ den

Have fun!!!


Admin. = Leader (full control)

Editor= Deputy (Can publish and manage ALL posts)

Authors= Warriors and Medicine Cats (can publish and manage their OWN posts)

Contributors= Apprentices (can write and manage THEIR posts but CANNOT PUBLISH them- must have admin or editor approval)

Subscribers= kits (can only comment and manage their profile- basically for those who aren’t officially joined)